Today we learned how to suture! (We didn’t suture each other, just rubber dams.)

I think I might need some more practice….



Ashley took me to Sampa for happy hour post ADEX and I loved it! The food was super cheap and super tasty! I definitely recommend it but it does get quite busy! I can’t even choose just one favorite dish since they were all great!
Here was the kimchi fried rice, pork baos, brussel sprouts, and edamame dumplings.


Day 7

On Day 7 we had our engagement photo shoot and then headed off to Waikiki beach!
Our engagement photos were so much fun! Here was one of the photos from our experience:

Fun fact: there are only 39 Harry Winston salons in the world and ended up visiting the one at Waikiki! It was really funny when a couple walked past us while we were taking a picture and the woman jokingly told Andrew to go buy me a diamond! I quite enjoyed that since he had just asked me to marry him!

Our walk along Waikiki:

We also stopped by the aquarium to see the jellyfish, some seahorses and the seal:

Lastly, we ended with dinner at House without a key and had the chance to watch some live performances!


After golfing, Andrew and I went to Roy’s, the restaurant at the course.We love food a lot.

For a starter I tried the sampler which included a spring roll, seared ahi tuna a short rib! I loved the short rib’s flavor and the ahi tune texture was amazing!

I also have an unhealthy love for crab cakes:

The beet salad:

Andrew ended up getting the steak and I got the short rib. We definitely enjoyed both of them very much!

  For desert, they gave us strawberry shortcakes:  And we had the chocolate souffle and the assortment of ice creams!

I guess golfing makes us really hungry!