At the Ala Moana shopping center, we discovered this place called Nitrogenie that serves liquid nitrogen ice cream! Cue inner nerd squeal! Nitrogenie is an Indonesia based company that recently opened in the states! They constantly have cool and unique flavors like roasted coconut cream and white balsamic strawberries!

They have liquid nitrogen tanks that deliver liquid nitrogen straight to the mixer to guarantee that your ice cream is nice and frozen right when it gets to you!

Here’s a video of what the process looks like:

We decided to try the mango and summer flavor. I loved how they serve the ice cream! Each flavor has a unique design. For instance the mango was shaped like a fresh cut mango half. The nutella cornucopia was topped with a little cone filled with nutella.

The ice cream tastes like regular ice cream but we enjoyed our experience of watching them make it! We also loved that it transported us back to our childhood days of getting liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstrations!


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