There are still so many places on campus that I haven’t tried yet! This time I had the harvest bowl from Sweetgreen which is a salad place. With chicken, Apple, sweet potato, wild rice and kale, this salad is pretty phenomenal!



Coconut cake

 Every year for my birthday I like to make my own birthday cake. It also gives me an excuse to try different kinds of cakes. This year I decided to make a coconut cake! The only bad part is that the grocery stores close by do not have cake flour ūüė¶   

It already smells really good with the coconut milk! 

But it was even better coming out of the oven. I baked a three layer cake (yes the kitchen floor is slanted so each layer was off kilter).   

This was my first layer! I didn’t get a picture of the finished product. Oops! But it was really hot and the icing in the middle melted into the cake. At least it tasted great! 

I think it’s a little scary that the new first years are already moving to Philadelphia! Part of me can’t believe that I’m going into my second year here at Penn but the other part is so excited!
We’ve already met a few of the D1s and today I went over to see Ben’s new place. He was busy making meatballs and hand chopping bread crumbs! I admire his dedication to making dinner!

I can’t wait to meet the rest of the new class!

Adventures in Chinatown

One night Sehe decided that she wanted to get some dim sum so we headed to Joy Tsin Lau to get some food.The manager was a very interesting (he thought we were absolutely crazy!)

One of the best parts of the night was when Sehe ordered the “friend dumpling” because that’s what was written on the menu. So when she asked for the friend dumpling the manager looked at her and said “you mean the fried dumplings?” I just laughed so hard after that.

But here are the friend dumplings:

  The vegetarians eating their tofu =)  Look how happy the manager is!

We also stopped for mochi at a random chinese grocery store that was in the basement of a building ( so sketch!!)

We also decided to walk home and passed city hall on our way!

Koral and I are WAYYY too excited for this photo!