New Preclinic Lab

The second and first year students are beyond lucky – they got a brand new lab!
It’s absolutely beautiful with it’s blue floor, giant monitors, fancy new lights and everything else!

Hopefully the new clinic is open soon too!


The final results of my dentures! I hope that they look great!

My Teeth!

So we finally finished setting out denture teeth in GRD and it feels so great to be done setting our first set! The next step is to model the gingiva so that they look like regular gums!

I’m glad that dentists don’t normally set their own teeth and that the lab usually does it instead. The teeth have to be put in very specific spots and you have to follow all kinds of measurements to make sure that they’ll function in a patient’s mouth!

We actually set two full sets of dentures so be ready for some more arts and crafts with wax!

I’ve been struggling to keep up my blog lately since school has been quite overwhelming! Between all the classes that we’ve been taking we’ve had quite a few exams to focus on (especially pathology!) and added to that we have different seminars and projects mixed in. In lab we’re working on our dentures and unfortunately mine keep breaking (as you can see by the large gash on the right). But I guess working with wax is quite relaxing!