Alan Wong’s

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world is Alan Wong’s so Andrew took me there for our engagement dinner! They even printed us special menus congratulating us at the top!

Remember how I love that Andrew loves trying things with me? One of the first things on the menu that caught my eye was the butter tasting. It offered three different types of butter that were all local! When we first ordered it the waiter scared us a little by telling us that it was just butter and then questioned our devotion to butter. We looked at each other a little funny and ordered it anyways. Were we ever glad that we did! It was absolutely delicious! It was so fresh and you could taste a hint of sweetness with the grass fed one. Have I mentioned that this was one of my favorite restaurants ever?

For dinner, I tried the smaller tasting menu. I started with the poke-pines. It consisted of poke (marinated fish) in a wonton type wrapper.

Andrew had the salad to start:

I then had the chance to try the ginger crusted onaga (red snapper). I absolutely loved the corn with the miso sauce and it really made the fish flavor stand out! (Can you see how we demolished the butter in the background?)

I also got to try the lobster lasagna which completely blew me away! I absolutely love lobster but I wasn’t too excited about this dish until I had the chance to try it. It was definitely not like any lasagna I’ve had before. The only aspect grounding it to lasagna was that it was wrapped with one lasagna noodle. The inside was a delicate bed of lobster but the tomato garlic sauce was very light and was not a strong tomato base.

For his entree, Andrew had the twice cooked short rib which is amazing! I actually tried it last time we were here and Andrew loved it so much that he had half of my meal! This time he got his own short rib!

My dinner ended with The Coconut – coconut sorbet in a chocolate coconut shell. We really enjoyed this dessert!

The restaurant also surprised us with a creme brulee!

We had an absolutely fabulous meal and I’m glad that I got to share it with my most favorite person in the world!


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