Hey everyone!

Thanks for being super patient with me! Since I moved across the river, Andrew suggested that I needed a new name for my blog! So come visit me at my new home at Out of West Philadelphia!



I apologize for not updating my blog but I’m having a space issue! Will try to figure this out soon! 

Sorry mom! And Kerry!

Massage Bars

Cecilia and I were inspired to make our very own massage bars! This was my first attempt! I used adzuki beans to help massage some small hand muscles, and some other lotion type ingredients! I also made three different flavors: lavender and lemon, eucalyptus spearmint and cinnamon and cloves!

So far these ones melted REALLY quickly so definitely need to cut back on the coconut oil!

The Eumenides

I randomly found out about a Fringe theatre production that was happening at the Penn Museum and knew that I had to go. It was a different form of theatre where you followed the actors through the different galleries. Since Cecilia was in town, Sejal and I went with her and her boyfriend!
They put on The Eumenides, the third play in the Oresteia.

The set was also really simple and neat:

And the way they used the shadows and dark for Orestes journey was beautiful!

It was a very interesting production and I really enjoyed it! There was some great talent!

Charmed Aroma

I’ve seen a few of those websites that sell candles with jewelry in them so I decided to give it a try! The premise is that each candle will hold a ring but some rings can be valued up to $5,000! I ended up getting the apple cinnamon candle from Charmed Aroma!

I burned the candle for a few hours! But then I got a little lazy and dug it out!

Here was my ring! It’s definitely too big to fit me, but it was fun burning the candle to get a prize!


This weekend I spent 17 hours flying back and forth from Vancouver where I spent a grand total of 18 hours. It was definitely worth it since I got to see Andrew!
We were excited to celebrate Jenn and JJ’s wedding at the UBC Boathouse!

My handsome date for the evening:

They had a candy bar!!! With salt water taffy!!!! The decorations were beautiful too!

Dinner was really impressive! We started with a scallop:

Then we had a tomato burrata salad:

I had the sablefish:

The cake was a perfect ending to the meal:

We had an absolutely fabulous time and felt honored to be included in their celebration: