After all this hot weather, I finally caved and bought an AC unit of Amazon! I also set it up by myself which made me feel like such an adult!


Whole foods

I finally went to Whole Foods in Philadelphia, and like everything else, the store was much smaller than normal. I was kinda a lot disappointed in the limited choice for everything.

That is until l I found the tea cookie cart. Then I was overwhelmed and couldn’t leave. I’m actually surprised that I didn’t just wheel the cart out with me. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call self control.





So I’ve been trying to explain to everyone that houses in Philly look very different from Edmonton.

The first thing that I try to describe is that houses are kind of like our townhouses – there isn’t any space between them. They’re smushed right up against each other.

Philly Houses

There totally isn’t four feet between each house and the property line!

But I usually get blank looks.  Everyone smiles and nods but I can tell that they can’t really picture what I’m describing.  That’s when I try to explain that they’re kinda like brownstones. More blank stares. (Actually I don’t even know if I know what a brownstone is.)

So I figured I would save everyone the hassle and just post pictures. Here you go!

The time it snowed in Philly...

The time it snowed in Philly…

I was in a moving car!  Give me some slack!

I was in a moving car! Give me some slack!

photo 4

They look so cute!

So now I hope you know what to expect when you visit Philadelphia =)