The Eumenides

I randomly found out about a Fringe theatre production that was happening at the Penn Museum and knew that I had to go. It was a different form of theatre where you followed the actors through the different galleries. Since Cecilia was in town, Sejal and I went with her and her boyfriend!
They put on The Eumenides, the third play in the Oresteia.

The set was also really simple and neat:

And the way they used the shadows and dark for Orestes journey was beautiful!

It was a very interesting production and I really enjoyed it! There was some great talent!


It’s my first day back in Philly (and now I’m back to updating my blog!), and I can’t say that I’ve missed it too much!
After a harrowing experience of flying back to Philly* my first breath of the hot and very humid air was slightly exciting and depressing at the same time. Exciting because Philly is a cool city and I get to start clinic this year, but depressing because I miss home, my family and my friends back home!

What makes coming back to Philly even more depressing is that today is my neighbourhood’s garbage day. Trust me, you can only imagine the stench that is created when the humidity cooks the garbage on the street overnight. The morning aroma is something else!

*My first flight to Toronto got delayed so Air Canada arbitrarily decided that I wouldn’t make it and proceeded to take me off the Philly flight and book me on a flight for July 2, 2017. Once I managed to get a standby seat for a flight (yay for lines and waiting for hours), they decided to not send my luggage with me so I’m still waiting for my suitcase! Yay!

She Loves Me 

I found out that Zachary Levi was in a Broadway musical and since Andrew and I loved him in the TV show Chuck, we knew we had to watch She Loves Me. It was an absolutely amazing show (it won a Tony for best set!) and we enjoyed it so much! We also waited for him patiently after the show and managed to get photos!

He brings his own music out!

He signed Andrew’s chuck shirt that I bought him years ago!