Massage Bars

Cecilia and I were inspired to make our very own massage bars! This was my first attempt! I used adzuki beans to help massage some small hand muscles, and some other lotion type ingredients! I also made three different flavors: lavender and lemon, eucalyptus spearmint and cinnamon and cloves!

So far these ones melted REALLY quickly so definitely need to cut back on the coconut oil!


Baby Blues BBQ

I love BBQ and I’m lucky enough that Ana agreed to go to Baby Blue with me! We were also starving so we had to eat everything on the menu!

Paper towels: always a good sign!

We started with the tackle box, a random assortment of apps like chicken wings, fried green tomatoes, and hushpuppies.

Then we split a platter of essentially just meat! We had two different kinds of ribs (they were VERY good), chicken, mac and cheese and sweet potato fries!

It ended up being a perfect amount for sharing! I would definitely go back to Baby Blue anytime! It was delicious!

The Eumenides

I randomly found out about a Fringe theatre production that was happening at the Penn Museum and knew that I had to go. It was a different form of theatre where you followed the actors through the different galleries. Since Cecilia was in town, Sejal and I went with her and her boyfriend!
They put on The Eumenides, the third play in the Oresteia.

The set was also really simple and neat:

And the way they used the shadows and dark for Orestes journey was beautiful!

It was a very interesting production and I really enjoyed it! There was some great talent!

Pub and Kitchen 

I’ve heard really great things about Pub and Kitchen’s burger and I decided that I needed to try it out! Since it’s pretty close to our place, Marla and I decided to walk over!

Since we apparently waited for a while, they gave us a free whiskey bread with butter. This was some of the most amazing bread ever! It was beautiful and a little flaky on the bottom. The butter made it even better!

The burger was definitely huge! It was a double patty and I added bacon for an extra $1. It was definitely really tasty but I think that I still prefer South Philadelphia Tap Room’s burger. I would definitely go back though!