Happy birthday to the bestie!!! Can I say that you’re Juan in a million because I know you won’t read this =)

Thanks for dealing with my annoying self. And thank you for kicking our butts at bowling. Actually just mine because apparently Justin is really good at this bowling nonsense. 


Sejal is the cutest and bought me an adorable present while she was in Japan. It plays a Whole New World which is really cute!!!!

But honestly, the envelope absolutely made my day ❤ Thanks sej!!!! You’re the best!!!

It’s like School NEVER Ended

Day 1 and we were already back in GRD like we had never left. Today we were back in lab taking impressions of our dentaforms. It’s surprisingly a lot of work trying to get the right features and details without getting any rips or tears in the alginate. It also gets kinda stressful when we run out of stone and can no longer pour up our models! Some of us are looking at a long night ahead of us…   I should have taken an after picture of what my desk looked like when I removed my models.  I already thought this was messy enough for me but apparently I’m wrong!
  Everyone looks so brilliant and smart! Or it just looks like we work on an assembly line at a factory.  Haven’t quite decided yet… Second year is the hardest right? Bring it on…I think?


While we were in New York, Cecilia took us to this really cool food market called Smorgasburg and it was so much fun! They had a huge variety of food options and it was cool trying so many of them! It was also ridiculously hot outside that day so I’m impressed by how long we stayed out in the sun!

We had these amazing sandwiches (pork belly and tofu) that were encased in a super flaky pastry. It reminded us of green onion cakes but without the green onion! It was absolutely delicious!

We also tried the sticky rice (I’ve been obsessed with mango sticky rice since I went to Vientiane awhile back). This was the mango sticky rice. (not quite the same as I have dreamed of)

We also tried the lemon grass chicken one too!

We also stole a few bites of other random things that the rest of the family had bought but nothing was as fantastic as what we had ordered =)

Paint Nite with My Mom!

Every time I go to paint nite, my mom always gets a little jealous so I promised to take her next time she was in Philly! My mom also LOVES peacocks and it just so happened that there was a cool peacock painting…. it was like fate!   This was definitely the hardest paint nite that I’ve ever been to. There was so much detail and free hand shape drawing! My peacock ended up looking super fat. But mom’s looks adorable!
  My peacock is sad and needs to go on a diet =(
But we ended up having a blast and getting a chance to bond together so it was awesome! I’m definitely glad that we got a chance to go painting together!

yvonne and I are beyond excited for one small thing: Ivan got a new water bottle. The back story is that Ivan’s old water bottle used to make these really loud noises when he used it and Yvonne and I would WHIP our heads to stare at him when he used it in the middle of lecture. It’s such a silly thing but it means all the world to us! This year is going to be quiet and absolutely wonderful!