Cake Decorating!

In GRD we had a “fun” activity after our midterm. Were we decorating cakes? These little moulds sure made it look like we were!

We were supposed to make teeth using a mould and some composite material (which is alternative material that they use fill cavities).


Ta da! My new teeth! Now I can drill little holes and make tooth shaped earrings! Maybe we can mass produce them and sell them on Etsy! We need to pay back tuition somehow…


White Coat Pictures Take 2

On Friday afternoon we attended the Human Gifts Registry Ceremony to thank those who made the ultimate donation to help further our education. Two of our classmates helped to specially honor them; Kevin played some wonderful Chopin and Jeanne gave a touching eulogy.

After the ceremony, we took advantage of the face that we were all wearing our white coats to take a class picture (coming soon).

And a real house photo since our original white coat photo was missing Jeemin. (Gary also got new glasses if anyone was wondering.)

The Penn Symphony Orchestra

Last Friday night, Sehe, Yvonne and I went to see the Penn Symphony Orchestra’s last performance for the semester at Irvine Auditorium. (Free for Penn students, $5 for everyone else.) We were beyond impressed! They were absolutely amazing! They played some Verdi and Debussy (which brought me back some summer music history memories of having to listen to Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn). The University Choral Society also performed (they have a fantastic baritone.)

I think we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit! I definitely want to attend another performance in the future.

I think we were unintentionally recreating this photo: