Banh mi Boys

 While I was in Toronto, Cecilia took me to Banh Mi Boys which specializes in Banh Mis  (Vietnamese subs). One thing that I absolutely loved about Banh Mi Boys was their wall art. They had these cool spray paint designs that were super cute! 

I loved the Godzilla like one holding kimchi fries!   

Look at these little chickens eating their Banh Mis! So adorkable!!! I couldn’t wait to join them =)


We tried (well I tried for the first time) the pork belly  banh mi which was absolutely delicious! We also had the kimchi fries. They had ssome pulled pork (I think) with japanese mayo and tons of kimchi! 
Definitely woul recommend trying Banh Mi Boys and definitely the kimchi fries!! 



The other night I was simply exhausted from school and just wanted to eat all the carbs I could! I had been planning on trying to make a good carbonara sauce and thought that I would give it an attempt! Amanda came over and was my guinea pig for the night! She also brought garlic bread which made everything better!   

The carbonara turned out ok but the key thing I learned was that it is extremely important to add the egg and cheese mixture on very low heat (or no heat at all!). Otherwise the egg starts to cook and we wound up with some of it getting scrambled. I will DEFINITELY try making this again! Carbonara has turned out to be easier to prepare than expected but you just have to be quite careful at the very end! Hopefully round 2 will be even better! 

Uncle Tetsu

 In preparation for my visit to Toronto, Cecilia bought some cheesecakes from Uncle Tetsu’s which makes special Japanese cheesecakes. They’re really quite lovely: it’s very light and very flavourful.   

They actually have two cafes where one serves the traditional cheesecake and other desserts, and the other is ALL green tea themed. I really liked the green tea cheesecake. It had a red bean bottom that quite tasty! Luckily Cecilia didn’t have to wait in line for the cheesecakes for too,long but apparently sometimes it can be hours long! I would definitely eat the green tea one again! 

After hours

Sometimes lab gets really stressful, and sometimes we break our projects by accident. But this doesn’t scare us off! Instead we come up with ridiculous ways to get through the ordeal. For example: when my classmate Raza broke his bridge in half, did he give up and go home? No way! He attempted to fix it up and set it to dry as best as he could. Did this mean that he had to go use some interesting methods to keep his bridge in his patients’ mouth while it hardened? Yes… Good thing we aren’t working with real patients yet right?   

My First Provisional 

This past week we were working on our provisional crowns in GRD. We use PMMA (an acrylic) and an omnivac template to make them. The PMMA smells pretty strongly (it felt like we were in a nail salon all day!) and definitely isn’t my favorite material to work with since the ratios of powder and liquid can be so variable and create such different textures. But we sculpted our crowns a bit more and made sure that they sat on the tooth prep well.¬† This is what mine was looking like halfway through! I forgot to take a picture before I handed it in =(