Paris baguette 

While in New York, we stopped at Paris baguette for food. My sister recommended it as a really neat place so we decided to try it out!

Look at these beautiful pastries!

And these cakes!

We also had lunch there but I didn’t take any photos =(


She Loves Me 

I found out that Zachary Levi was in a Broadway musical and since Andrew and I loved him in the TV show Chuck, we knew we had to watch She Loves Me. It was an absolutely amazing show (it won a Tony for best set!) and we enjoyed it so much! We also waited for him patiently after the show and managed to get photos!

He brings his own music out!

He signed Andrew’s chuck shirt that I bought him years ago!

Eleven Madison park 

When Andrew came to visit me in Philly we went to New York for a day. We had really wanted to try Eleven Madison Park on our big foodie adventure! It was a full course menu so get ready for some exciting food pictures!

We started with an amuse-bouche of a classic black and white cookie. But this one was quite different – it was a savory cookie with an apple cheddar filling.

We also tried some interesting beverages (green tea and lime flavored)

Our appetizers came next. They came in these really decorative dishes that stacked on top of each other. While I had the whitefish salad, fava bean croquette, morel with rye crisp and an oyster with caviar, Andrew had the green herb salad and fennel with apple

This next one was one of my favorites. It was caviar on top of a quail egg benedict with spring onion and ham. The tiny english muffins in the back were a perfect pairing.

Also the bread was amazing. It was flaky and perfect!

For the next course I got to enjoy the fluke marinated with peas and grapefruit.

Andrew in the meantime had the foie gras seared with sorrel and fava beans. This was a very decadent dish!

For the main course, I had the lobster (butter poached with dandelion and ginger). I love lobster so I really enjoyed this dish! I only wish that there had been more!

Andrew chose to have the chicken cooked with beans.

Up next, they had a little demonstration of how they would be cooking our next dish. They used a pig’s bladder. They filled this some asparagus stalks and potato with black truffle. Then they carefully cooked it using a hot broth and steaming it inside the bladder.

And here was the carefully cooked asparagus!

Next up they gave us a little sip of broth to prepare our palate for our next dish!

My soup was a duck broth because I had the duck which was honey and lavender glazed with spring onion and rhubarb.

Andrew on the other hand had beef broth since he had the dry aged ribeye with eggplant.

Next were some lovely potatoes with flowers on top!

Then we had morels in custard with spring garlic.

Before dessert we finished with camembert with rhubarb. This was a very nice pairing that I never expected to go together!

For dessert we had baked alaska with strawberry, lemon and vanilla ice cream.

Then we had a little game of “name that milk” chocolate. There were four different bars of chocolate and we had to match what milk we thought it tasted like.

And finally for the very last course, we had a pretzel with sea salt.

Happiness  after a wonderful meal!

It was a fantastic once in a lifetime meal! We’re definitely lucky to have had that experience!