Nov 20 babies

November is a super busy month for birthdays and it was nice to get get to celebrate with everyone! For Yvonne’s we went to Han Dynasty (still angry that they made us wait 45 minutes for our reservation!!!).
They had the cutest Batman sign ever at Han ❤

Pod!!!! aka my fav ladies ever!

  It was also my roommate’s birthday ! Jean Jean made her a vegan chocolate cake that was delicious!

Happy Birthday Jingles!


Seasonal Shake Shack

After writing every exam I like to load up on carbs because I feel like I’ve used up so much energy studying and stressing out. This time I splurged a bit and went to Shake Shack and they have the most adorable seasonal designs ever!   It was so bad that I even had to get custard! (Sugar cookie to be exact!)
Now on to the next one!  Two practicals and three exams until I get to go home for the holidays!

Philly Marathon 2015

This past weekend, Mark and Ivan both participated in the Philly Marathon which is a pretty big marathon out here on the East Coast! Ivan completed the half and Mark did the full marathon!!! I’m so proud of both of them and was so lucky to cheer them on as they ran past!
On my way to the UCity viewing spot the Philly Running Room had a cute display to support the marathon!

A very cool feature is that on each runner’s bib there was a tracker that allowed fans to track where their runners were! This definitely helped me figure out what time Mark and Ivan would arrive.

I got a ton of pictures of these two running past! I was absolutely fantastic!


I think Mark made great time and we’re all so proud of him!!!!
He even got this cool medal! The bell actually rings!

Congratulations Mark and Ivan! This was an amazing accomplishment for both of you!

South Philly Tap Room

I love Philly because of the food because it’s usually quite impressive. But this experience was something else. It went above and beyond anything I ever expected. I’ve already decided that the best gelato can be found in Philly, but not I also believe that the best BURGERS are also found here too.

The South Philly Tap Room is a cute bar located in South Philly. It’s in a pretty quiet neighborhood and it’s a little low key. I went with Ben and Adam, who are both in the D1 class right now. They had heard from a couple that the best burgers could be found here and I can definitely throw my back behind that now.

We started with the beer mussels. It came with a potato and bacon sauce. It was quite delightful. In hindsight, I could have just skipped and the mussels and eaten more burgers!

The grass fed, farm to table, super local burger. Everything is working for this dish. The french fries are beyond crispy and taste like they’ve been fried in something special. The homemade ketchup is better than Heinz (they wouldn’t let me take a bottle home). The burger itself is just the juiciest and tastiest thing ever. It also has thick cut bacon layered in. The only thing that I didn’t love was the side of pickled vegetables because it made my bun a little soggy. They still tasted great though!

We also topped everything off with the fried PB&J. (It’s coated in crushed frosted flakes. I rest my case.)

The resulting food coma was unbelievable but it was worth EVERY bite! But we took a walk to American Sardine Bar to help digest it off.
Unfortunately the bar was super crowded and we were too full to wait to eat more food. But another time! That’s a lie. If I’m back in South Philly I’m definitely going to be at South Philly Tap Room!

Taste of Philly

The Taste of Philly was this neat event where you could sample food from a wide variety of restaurants. It was held in the beautiful Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker building. I didn’t get photos with everything that we sampled because I didn’t want to slow James and Zach down too much!

Some of the highlights include a free loaf of bread:

My favorite gelato place of all time was also present and they brought their gelato trophy with them:

Of course they served the best flavor ever: pistachio.

I like this photo. It’s Zach about to try escargot for the first time. He did not like it…

All the cannoli!

I had such a great time with these two! I definitely am glad I didn’t have to pay full price for a ticket but also glad that I did get to go!