Odontoblast 2016

Unfortunately Odontoblast had to be postponed until February this year due to the blizzard in January, but it ended up working in our favor since the weather was so nice this past weekend! This year, Odontoblast was held at the Loews hotel in Center City, which is absolutely gorgeous! They had a great pasta bar, and one of our faculty members from clinic was the DJ. Here were some of the pictures that Mark and I took of the event!



Last Saturday after our endo final, Mark, Amanda, Jared and I went on a picnic at Valley Forge. I had no idea what Valley Forge is, so it was exciting to learn some American history. Valley Forge was the site where the American army camped during winter before going off to fight the British in the Revolutionary War.

On our way we passed the beautiful Boathouse Row. I never get a good picture of it, but this one turned out quite well! Boathouse row is where different rowing clubs store their boats along the schuylkill river.

Some monuments on our drive into Valley Forge.

These were the log cabins that soldiers would stay in. The structure in the foreground was where they would refrigerate their food. It’s built over a running stream to keep the room cold!

Here is one the cabins up close!

We brought Mark’s special picnic basket too!

Our picnic food! We made sandwiches and had fruit and other snacks!

Amanda and I were enjoying our time in the sun!

We were so lucky that the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Mark loves picnics!

Me outside George Washington’s house:

George Washington’s house:

We tried to go inside the house but it was closed pretty early. Definitely a really cool spot for a picnic and I’m sure that int he warmer weather, it’s even better!

Caitlyn Jenner

Last week, a really cool opportunity came up at Penn – we had the chance to see Caitlyn Jenner speak. I understand that many people were not happy with this since they felt that she does not appropriately represent the trans community. Nevertheless, I still feel that her willingness to speak about the subject, share her own feelings, and admit her own lack of knowledge about trans issues was quite inspiring. I know that everyone will have their personal opinion about it and I think that that’s great because it allows the opportunity to start conversations and learn more about what people are experiencing in their lives and the challenges that come up.

Liz, Tejal, D’andra and I were very excited! We were the first one in line to get in!

So excited to see Caitlyn!

I usually like to keep blog posts short and sweet, but I would also love to hear different opinions. Feel free to share!

I went to a Pediatrics lunch and learn last week about the delivery of nitrous to patients. It was pretty interesting but the best part was the stuffed animal models that they use to show kids what wearing a nitrous mask looks like. I thought it was absolutely adorable and had to take a picture!

I’ve always wanted to get one of the chair massages that they offer at Pottruck (the gym at Penn). I’ve always thought that they were fully booked since they only offer them from 4-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I was surprised when Cornelia and I went and discovered that nobody else was there.

At first we thought it was a little sketchy (it’s at the very back of the first floor), but we met Justin and he was really nice! He was also great at giving chair massages. We were pretty impressed and are definitely willing to go back. I definitely recommend it if your back is feeling a little sore!

While waiting for our class to start in the new classroom, we decided to head upstairs to the roof to see what was up there.
It offered a fantastic view of West Philly!

We could also see the construction workers working on the new library:

We just couldn’t help exploring every little bit of the roof!

Apparently some people had brought lawn chairs up to the roof at some point. It would actually be really cool to have a rooftop space for the students and faculty! But I don’t think it’s in the works for the new renovation =(

Something Sweet – Actually Just a Lot of Free Coffee

Over the past week we enjoyed a sudden surge of free coffee!
First it was with AO (the dental fraternity that I’m in).
Here is Liz, Peter and I enjoying our donuts.

Amanda, Gary, Mark and I:

The Happiness Project at school was also serving hot chocolate and compliments. They were also offering free hugs! Nothing like a shot of oxytocin in the morning!

Lastly Mark made everyone coffee at the carriage house with his new coffee maker!