Vientiane Cafe

I have been craving Thai food for a long time now and luckily Marla suggested that we try the Vientiane Cafe in West Philly. I don’t think I would normally head there by myself after dark, but the sun’s been staying up much later =)

I decided to try the King’s soup since it sounded amazing with the coconut milk soup! And I absolutely loved it! It had tons of flavor and I was actually really disappointed when I finished =(

We also tried the mango sticky rice for dessert. I know it looks like two blobs on the plate but this sticky rice  was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if they actually simmered the rice in the coconut milk or not, but the flavor was impeccable. The mango was a little unripe but you win some you lose some. I would ABSOLUTELY go back here for some more food (I actually ordered take out pad thai for lunch this week). Once the weather warms up a bit I’ll definitely be checking out some more of the Baltimore street restaurants!

Fun Fact: I just learned that Vientiane is the capital city of Laos.


Curry Night with Mark

Mark made his fantastic curry last Thursday! It feels like forever since he last made it =(
We also made mango lassi smoothies (mango pulp, coconut milk and ice), and had gulab jamun for dessert. (Or as Jing calls them jumbo galooshies!)

Thank you Matt for actually kinda looking at the camera! I also love how much Mengmeng is enjoying her mango lassi!

Mark and Tricia looking gorgeous!

Seriously… Matt is the only one who poses for my photos!


Oral Cancer Walk

Every year the Dental School hosts a 5K walk/run to support oral cancer fundraising. We also offer free oral cancer screenings and other cool events going on at the school! Side note: oral cancer screenings save lives! Your dentist should definitely be screening you at your regular check ups!

Hassan and I volunteered for the oral cancer screenings. (This is also why we hate our scrub color)

And our class VP ran around dressed up as a tooth!


Mark and I drove to the King of Prussia mall since we had a four hour break on Thursday. It was pretty fabulous and I don’t think we even went through half of it! 

But the most exciting part is that they opened a David’s Tea in the mall! They just opened up in November and I think this is the first one in Pennsylvania. (David’s Tea is a Canadian tea store that has some delicious tea blends!) 

 So we stocked up on some exotic Canadian tea 🙂 


I’m glad that I got to share my tea love ❤

My current faves from Dave’s:

  1. The spice is right 
  2. Glitter and gold
  3. Dragon pearls
  4. Strawberry fields
  5. Green and Fruity 

Happy Birthday Shreya

This past week, shreya’s husband planned a surprise birthday party for Shreya! It was super sweet and I hope she was surprised! 

I decided to make a caprese pasta salad!    

Mark made the most beautiful quiche I have ever seen! It was a spinach quiche and it was delicious!       


 And the cake was phenomenal! It was a chocolate Nutella cake. Mmm  


We love our chicken over rice =)


*Mark is currently giving me a lecture about the chicken over rice menu as I type this. He could probably write a thesis on it.

Here’s some of the monologue that’s going on next to me:

“always get the white and red sauce but there’s a mysterious green sauce that I’ve seen some people get but I don’t know what it really is….I was first introduced to chicken over rice in NYC at a halal guys across the street from MOMA…When I found out there was a cart in Philadelphia, my life was forever changed….AND you can get fish over rice which I haven’t tried yet but I want to…I could even write a whole other essay comparing the three chicken over rice carts on campus…see on of them is closer to the gym… no fish at that one… more buttery sauce… I’ve asked”