Under the High Wheel 

Andrew and I had a very nice lunch with our dads! We went to Under the High Wheel and we all loved it! The food was very fresh as they take pride in using local and organic ingredients!

I had the croque monsieur with a kale mixed greens salad!

And we also split a large chicken salad for the table! It was so fresh even the cucumbers tasted better than normal! The portions were also very generous and I’m impressed that we made it through all that food!

I definitely liked this place. While High Level Diner is a classic, this is like a fresh alternative once in a while!


Fort Edmonton

Right before I headed back to Philly, Andrew and I went to Fort Edmonton where my cousin Breanna is currently working for the summer. We had a blast playing midway games, riding some old rides (and getting a little sick from all the sun), playing mini golf and just exploring Edmonton when it was just starting up as a city.

Breanna hand painted this sign!

e had so much fun spending time with these two!


My mom and I had a chance to catch up and one day we decided to go to a Korean restaurant for lunch. I had only heard about Nongbu but I had never been. It was definitely not your usual Korean fare of bulgoi or jap chae.
Instead we had lettuce wraps and a different version of of bibimbab.

Everything was really tasty but the lettuce wraps were definitely difficult to … wrap! Always glad to spend time with my mommy!

Dorinku and Gama

I love trying new restaurants and having a double date with Carmen and Byron was an excuse to go to Dorinku, the new Japanese street food restaurant! We had heard some really good things so we decided to head over!
Pretty much everything that we tried was absolutely perfect and I definitely recommend this restaurant (though it’s only open for dinner).

Their pork cheek was so tender and buttery soft!

The chicken karaage was fried perfectly!

We tried to be healthy with a pork cheek salad. (emphasis on tried)

We also wanted to try new things so we ordered the steak served on a hot volcanic rock form Mt Fuji! Regardless of the rock being from Japan, it was still a pretty cool experience!

The sushi was very unique and delicious (smoked salmon pictured here)

And the udon had a unique twist! It was prepared in a garlic sauce – slightly Italian but not quite!

After dinner we tried to get bubble tea so we made the trek to Gama cafe and had salt caps! Salt caps are regular tea but topped with a sea salt foam that give tea a new dimension of flavor when you stir it in!

And lastly we ended with a strawberry hill (small) and a strawberry castle (large). It sounds crazy but basically it is sweet toast that’s been cubed topped with cream, strawberry sauce and ice cream! It sounds so plain but trust me it tastes fantastic!

Now I can’t wait to go back home to eat these things again!


We grew up with the original Pokemon so when Pokemon Go came out of course we had to play it! We decided to check out the legislature grounds since they had a few stops and gyms, and Cathy could take some beautiful photos. Cathy also has a beautiful blog herself (one that I aspire to but could never compete with!)

Our lovely significant others… how lucky are we?

I as hungry so I made the executive decision to have a pizza party in the park. It was fun picnic!


Corso 32

For my birthday dinner, Andrew took me to Corso 32, an Italian restaurant in Edmonton that I’ve wanted to try for a very long time! The story goes that it’s named Corso 32 after a famous road in Rome, and the fact that the restaurant can only seat 32 people at a time.

Lucky for me I have convinced Andrew on the wonders of arancini and these were pretty amazing!

He also makes me stay healthy and eat salad (on a fried short rib!)

But then we can all the carbs! Like the homemade pappardelle with ragu.

And homemade cavatelli. Both were superb and establishes corso as one of the best restaurants back home!

And nothing is more perfect than a birthday panna cotta!

I’m so lucky to have a wonderful fiance!

North 53

I loved that I was home long enough to see some of my friends! Tim suggested we try North 53 for dinner and it was delicious! Andrew and I were starving and proceeded to order way too much food!

We started with the meatballs. They were flavored very well and not what I expected at all!

The fried chicken was even better! A little on the salty side but still good!

We ended up trying two entrees but onyl taking a picture of one. This one was the gnocchi with protabello mushrooms. (We love our gnocchi!)

The greatest people you’ll ever meet: