Happy Hour 

This year they had another Penn health grad happy hour and once again the dental school had a really strong showing. In fact I think that the majority of people were from the dental school!


For my community service honors project I volunteer at the University City Hospitality Coalition. We spend every Wednesday night in the basement of a church where several schools come together and offer their services.
Here is the rest of the team (Anthony and Mike) at our little dental clinic table!

I recently joined the SPEA group (Student Professionalism and Ethics Association) and we decided to make buttons to encourage and remind all students to act ethically. We definitely worked together on this one… I came up with and idea for the image, Elysha drew it out and Steven had the buttons made!
I must say I’m pretty excited with the results!

Reader Beware! 

I’m warning you…. this post is pretty graphic if you dislike blood!
*feel free to skip this one!

Third year has started and our first month back was all about clinic. Not only did we get to start treating patients, but we also had a chance to rotate through some of the specialty clinics as well. My favorite so far is Oral Surgery since we had a chance to actually do quite a bit! This also meant that I got to pull out some teeth! Here is a picture of them!!! It was a pretty special experience pulling my first tooth and I’m looking forward to more excitement in clinic!

Free Weekends in August

For our first weekend in August we thought that we should explore the area outside of Philadelphia, so some of us headed to Jersey (which was only 15 mins away) for a movie!

But first we stopped for some Middle Eastern food! We also got free baklava since the waiter was very taken with Sejal!

Sejal and I getting ready for Suicide Squad!

Then we wrapped up our night with some milkshakes at the Silver Diner! It was a pretty fantastic night with Teresa, Anh, Raza and Sejal after a very busy week in clinic!