Baby Blues BBQ

I love BBQ and I’m lucky enough that Ana agreed to go to Baby Blue with me! We were also starving so we had to eat everything on the menu!

Paper towels: always a good sign!

We started with the tackle box, a random assortment of apps like chicken wings, fried green tomatoes, and hushpuppies.

Then we split a platter of essentially just meat! We had two different kinds of ribs (they were VERY good), chicken, mac and cheese and sweet potato fries!

It ended up being a perfect amount for sharing! I would definitely go back to Baby Blue anytime! It was delicious!


Yummy Yummy

My visit to Vnacouver a few weeks ago made me really miss Chinese desserts and so I googled locations in Philadelphia. One of th eonly places that came up wa Yummy Yummy which sells egg waffles and other “fast food” items.

Their egg waffles are very interesting because they also have some unique flavors.

I ended up getting the green tea with white chocolate which was very good! I think the white chocolate made it a little too sweet for me but I really liked the green tea flavor!

I definitely need to head back to Chinatown to eat some more food!