Last days of GRD 

This year was our last year in preclinic so we had a mini graduation to celebrate!

This is the last time that I’ll get to sit in my desk especially since the GRD lab is being torn down and rebuilt in another part of the school!

This is my GRD group: Kristie, Leila, Jeanne, Hilary and myself.

And some pictures from the GRD celebration:

This is Dr. Kobrin, the director of the preclinic lab.

We also took tours of the new preclinic space! It was still pretty messy but it’s getting there slowly!


For the second Animal Appreciation Night we painted some endangered animals!
This time paint night was outside in the garden which seemed fitting!

I ended up painting a silver back gorilla considering what had happened this past year. Hopefully it raises awareness for our endangered animal friends!

Congratulations Class of 2016!

Graduation this year has been very bitter sweet. As second years we definitely connected much more with the class of 2016 than with the previous class and so this year we were quite sad to see them leave. But their departure also means that we’ll be moving a year up and that we will now be moving into clinic! The time definitely flies by quickly here!

Here are some of the seniors that I’m definitely going to miss! I hope that they have an amazing experience after this!





Victor, Sejal and I with Kevin:





J and Kevin (just kidding Kevin is stuck with me for two more years)


Alumni Weekend

It was extremely cool to be a part of Alumni Weekend this year! I really enjoyed giving tours and hearing from previous students what it was like to go to PDM back in the day. They also loved to claim that their lives were a million times worse than what we have (I’m not really sure what to believe!) It was also adorable that so many people came back to celebrate their reunions!

One thing that they also tried to tie in was the new library space. (I promise that there will be better pictures once I get a second!) There are very few books left and this SHOCKED many of the alumni! It was definitely fun to see their reactions to all the changes happening around here!

PDM usually hosts a research day for all the Penntists to present the research that they’ve been working on that year. This also meant that I got to dig up my project from so long ago and present it again! It was really cool seeing all the things that everyone was working on!

This was also an excuse to leave our scrubs behind and put some fancy clothes on!