Fun Home 

While we were in New York, Cecilia and I decided to go see the musical Fun Home before we left. Fun Home recently won Best Musical along with 4 other Tony awards. It’s based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel and the story covers her life as she tries to come to terms with her homosexuality, her childhood helping with the funeral home and her father’s suicide. I read Bechdel’s graphic novel back second year of undergrad and really enjoyed it. Back then it felt strange reading about her story in graphic novel form but then it came out as a musical and that blew my mind some more.

I absolutely loved this musical. I thought it was really well written and stayed close to my interpretation and understanding of her story. The music was superb and I loved that it played with another unconventional technique by using an arena stage. (This is when the audience forms a complete circle around the stage instead of having a thrust stage where the audience is only on three sides. It creates more difficulty in terms of forming a stage picture since you need to have clear sight lines all the time.) I DEFINITELY recommend going to watch it.

Cecilia and I also took a picture with Sydney Lucas who portrays young Alison.

And here’s their Tony Award Performance:


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