White Dog Cafe

Last week when my dad was in town, we had dinner at the White Dog Cafe. I’ve only ever had brunch and lunch at White Dog so I was excited to try their dinner menu.

We started with a pear kale salad which was really flavorful.

My dad tried the pumpkin spice duck breast. I thought it was really funny that they had a pumpkin spice item on their menu. The duck was really good but I did not like the root vegetables.

Though White Dog had some really good food for dinner, I think that it’s too expensive for what you get!

I had the steak with truffle potatoes. The potatoes were really good. It also made me miss good steak a lot.


Brunch Bunch 

I know that I’ve posted about White Dog Cafe before but here’s my defense: Yvonne, Megan and I tried to go to Sabrina’s (another cool brunch spot) but their wait list was one and a half hours (versus immediate seating at White Dog)! So unfortunately I didn’t get to try Sabrina’s… but one day!

Instead, I tried something different at White Dog (eggs and ham stuffed in a croissant pastry like a stromboli.) It was great but I still prefer their omelettes!

  It was also a mimosa kinda morning…

Yay for brunch! But now back to GRD…