White Coat Pictures Take 2

On Friday afternoon we attended the Human Gifts Registry Ceremony to thank those who made the ultimate donation to help further our education. Two of our classmates helped to specially honor them; Kevin played some wonderful Chopin and Jeanne gave a touching eulogy.

After the ceremony, we took advantage of the face that we were all wearing our white coats to take a class picture (coming soon).

And a real house photo since our original white coat photo was missing Jeemin. (Gary also got new glasses if anyone was wondering.)


First day of school!

Yesterday was my first day of school at PDM!
Everybody in my house was super eager and so we got to the dental building early! Here’s a picture of everyone but we’re missing Jee Min since he left a bit later than us.



Mom and I also took a picture in front of the dental building (the night before). As typical, my eyes were closed 😦


We went through several sessions on the first day of orientation and learned about different resources at the school. We also got to meet some second years and they had tons of information to share about their own experiences during the panel discussion.

The most interesting part was that we got these cool stylus pens at the end of the day with the most interesting note attached:


Later at the white coat ceremony, the dean announced that everyone in the class would be receiving new iPads for school! We were so excited after that news that we screwed up our class pledge. Instead of waiting to repeat after the dean, we just went ahead with reading the pledge on our own. (I’ll post the link to the video when it’s finished).
It turned out to be a pretty eventful day and I’m excited to get started with classes!