Love of my Life

I love Ikea (as anybody who has visited my place in Philly knows).

But I love this video even more.


Day 1 in Philly

I have now officially moved to Philadelphia, which is probably the scariest thing that I’ve ever done. (Just a friendly reminder that nobody should EVER bring a baby on a red eye flight EVER.) So I spent my first official day in Philadelphia completely exhausted. I was so tired that I stumbled through the questions asked by US customs. But I made it! So I’ve got that going for me…

The rest of the day was extremely stressful. My dad and I took all the luggage back to my new place (btw luggage from Edmonton usually arrives from carousel D2 despite what the signage says). Then it was off to ikea! I would like to say that this was fun because I got to pick out new furniture and other home stuff, but trying to fit it all in the rental van was the worst. At one point we gave up on artful placement and just shoved it in as much as we could.

We didn’t get around to finish building all the furniture till day 2, but this is kinda what my place looks like! I’ll post more pictures once everything is in its place and all my stuff is unpacked.

This is my new couch!


This is my bed