Carnival? aka Free Food

After Fling, there was a free food event outside Van Pelt Library that we heard about from Mark.



They had Cheese steaks (from Pat’s), veggie dogs, pizza and cupcakes.

They also had macarons from the Sugar Philly food Truck. The nutella one was amazing!


Donut Worry! Exams are Done!

After the last exam of 2014, a group of us headed to Federal Donuts for free donuts!!! They were offering a special promotion for students in Philadelphia! (If you don’t remember my earlier post about Federal Donuts, it’s a restaurant that serves us fried chicken and donuts!) Their current flavours are Vanilla Spice, Strawberry Lavender and Cinnamon Brown Sugar.


Christine, Yvonne, Thomas, Andrew and Matt

Remember: things taste better when they’re free! Or maybe it’s supposed to be: things taste better when exams are over….

Penn’s Nano Building

On our first attempt to go to Shake Shack with Amanda, Mark wanted to check out the nano building, which is on the opposite side of campus from the dental school. Weirdly enough, our PennIDs gave us access to the building. The outside looks really cool, with all these different levels.


As you go up the stairs in the building, there are little landings where you can sit and study. It’s also super quiet and super orange.


After exploring the whole building, we decided to leave because there were no open spots. But then, Mark had the brilliant idea of going to see the basement (Amanda and I were grumbling the whole time). But when we got there, there was this little conference room. Apparently they had just finished some kind of admissions meeting and they had all this leftover food, so they gave it all to us because they were going to throw it out!


So instead of going to Shake Shack, we embraced our inner poor dental students and ate the food. He even left us coffee! But seriously the food was really good.

Free food!

Today GAPSA (the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly) hosted a resource fair with FREE lunch! The resource was fairly similar to the one hosted last week, but I got a free frisbee and a free travel mug this time! But more importantly was free lunch located in Houston Hall:


They have this really nice study area inside Houston Hall.


Apparently Houston Hall is the Student Union Building.


For lunch we had build your own cheese steak (I know I love Philly)


Is that a giant vat of whiz?

Most definitely! It was super goopy too.


They also had homemade potato chips which was pretty awesome!

Mark and I actually went early and were very surprised at the lack of people lining up at exactly 11 o’clock.. I mean it was free lunch and all! But at one point almost the whole dental class showed up and the GAPSA event felt like it became a PDM event.

At least we’re really active in the GAPSA community when it comes to free food. That’s a good thing… right?



There’s snow place like home

Today was the first day that we had “real” lecture. Was it harder than what I expected it to be? A million times over. Is first year going to be the worst year of my life? Yes it will be. Second year better not be crazier than this.
We started out this morning with embryology. Before class it looked great! 21 slides…. 2 hour class… it was going to be a blast. Then Dr. White started lecturing and I think I had a panic attack. Don’t get me wrong… Dr. White is probably one of the best lecturers that I’ve ever had. He takes the time to explain things, he repeats key concepts 2 or 3 times, and he even throws in a little joke here and there. The problem was how darn fast the lecture was moving.

Here were my notes for just three slides:

And that wasn’t even my intense course! Biochemistry was loads worse. So let’s not even talk about it.

On a more positive note I had poached eggs and avocado toast for lunch! (I went home since I had an hour break.)


This evening I also went to the grad student reception hosted by the University’s President. I’m extremely glad I went because it ended up being quite swanky! They catered sushi and it was quite delicious =)

They also had different services booths set up, so the hoarding side of my personality was quite happy. I now am the proud owner of more toothpaste and another toothbrush, 2 Penn lanyards, a GAPSA Tshirt, a rape whistle (the campus is in West Philly), pens and….. AN AMERICAN FLAG. The flag is definitely the weirdest thing that I have ever gotten for free at an event, so naturally I had to have one.


Did I mention that it’s over 30 90 degrees over here?
I must now go lie down in front of my fan and think about snow.