Adventures in Chinatown

One night Sehe decided that she wanted to get some dim sum so we headed to Joy Tsin Lau to get some food.The manager was a very interesting (he thought we were absolutely crazy!)

One of the best parts of the night was when Sehe ordered the “friend dumpling” because that’s what was written on the menu. So when she asked for the friend dumpling the manager looked at her and said “you mean the fried dumplings?” I just laughed so hard after that.

But here are the friend dumplings:

  The vegetarians eating their tofu =)  Look how happy the manager is!

We also stopped for mochi at a random chinese grocery store that was in the basement of a building ( so sketch!!)

We also decided to walk home and passed city hall on our way!

Koral and I are WAYYY too excited for this photo!



A while back, Yvonne Christine and I went to explore philadelphia’s chinatown. Apparently it’s one of the largest Chinatowns in America. It was also a beautiful day so that was a plus!

We got bubble tea at tea do


Us being cute 🙂


And I made a new friend in the Sanrio shop. It’s a llama!!!


While the chinatown was nothing special, we still had a fabulous time!

Reading Terminal Market Round 2

I know I just posted about Reading Terminal Market, but I went back today with some classmates and guess what I had… more donuts!


Ok so I didn’t eat ALL 6 of them (though I was definitely entertaining that idea). I had the cinnamon sugar and the glazed donut today. Also Gary was nice and let me try his chocolate dipped but I didn’t like it as much.


We were also super lucky because we got to see some donuts being made!!!

First he lovingly cuts each little donut out into a nice circle shape:


Then he lets them have a little nap on the rack:


Then he gives each donut a nice hot oil soak:


Then each donut is fed a hot apple sauce to fill their bellies:


And lastly, they each get dressed with a beautiful coat of icing with a light dusting of cinnamon magic on top:


After filling up on donuts, we joined the rest of the group and went to see city hall, the LOVE park and finally Rittenhouse square. At that point, we broke off from the rest of the group and a few of us headed to chinatown.
Mark took us to a pastry shop where we all bought buns fresh from the oven.


And now… I need a nap!