Dorinku and Gama

I love trying new restaurants and having a double date with Carmen and Byron was an excuse to go to Dorinku, the new Japanese street food restaurant! We had heard some really good things so we decided to head over!
Pretty much everything that we tried was absolutely perfect and I definitely recommend this restaurant (though it’s only open for dinner).

Their pork cheek was so tender and buttery soft!

The chicken karaage was fried perfectly!

We tried to be healthy with a pork cheek salad. (emphasis on tried)

We also wanted to try new things so we ordered the steak served on a hot volcanic rock form Mt Fuji! Regardless of the rock being from Japan, it was still a pretty cool experience!

The sushi was very unique and delicious (smoked salmon pictured here)

And the udon had a unique twist! It was prepared in a garlic sauce – slightly Italian but not quite!

After dinner we tried to get bubble tea so we made the trek to Gama cafe and had salt caps! Salt caps are regular tea but topped with a sea salt foam that give tea a new dimension of flavor when you stir it in!

And lastly we ended with a strawberry hill (small) and a strawberry castle (large). It sounds crazy but basically it is sweet toast that’s been cubed topped with cream, strawberry sauce and ice cream! It sounds so plain but trust me it tastes fantastic!

Now I can’t wait to go back home to eat these things again!


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