There’s nothing more Albertan than going to the Stampede and surprisingly this was Andrew and my first time! We’ve grown up with KDays so everything in the midway was exactly the same. The only difference was that we went to see some stampede events like the chuck wagon races and the Grand Stand Show at the end of the night!

We did start the day with a big breakfast at Starbelly which was a really great restaurant! Andrew had the gnocchi and I had a salad so I could fill up on mini donuts later!

Cue the donuts. First thing that we had to do when we got to the stampede!

Also look at this huge Scooby Doo! But it wasn’t very soft or cuddly =(

Andrew tried some other food like the fried chicken coated in frosted flakes. It was surprisingly good!

Then we went to check out some of the award winning animals!

This horse was soooo big! I didn’t even measure up to half his hindquarters!

Mac and cheese break!

After that we went to watch some chuck wagon races and the grand stand show!


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