Char bar 

We met up with our friends Kevin and Cathy at Char Bar in East Village. East Village is a very cute neighbourhood along the river in Calgary!

I like that their dry age steaks are on display at the front.

We started with a few small plates like the fried sourdough balls (this was my favorite dish!)

Then we tried the roasted clams and we also had a side of the beef fat fries.

For the entrees we ordered the grilled half chicken served with a chimichurri sauce. The chicken was very nice and moist. The chimichurri sauce was also on the salty side so there wasn’t too much flavour besides that unfortunately.

And we all split an order of the ultra dry aged porterhouse steak. I liked the steak but I did find that it was very salty.

Then we finished up dinner with ice cream from Made by Marcus. They had some really cool flavors and we chose raspberry cardamom and mint chocolate.

It was a very enjoyable evening with some fabulous company!


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