My mom happened to be watching a food vlogger and came across this restaurant called Nuaa in New York. Their specialty? Purple blossom dumplings! She sent the video to my sister and myself and we thought that we should head over there to check it out. (for the record my mom actually forgot about this video and then was wondering why we were dragging her around new york for this random Thai restaurant.

We started with the sweet and sour soup which was more savory than I expected from sweet and sour soups. I hate when sometimes sweet and sour soups are very watery and more on the sour side. But this was very well done!

And of course we had the purple blossom dumplings. They were very delicate (I believe they are handmade int he restaurant).

We decided to split two entrees. The first one was the slow braised short ribs massaman curry. This not only looked cool but it tasted fabulous as well! But it was a bit more difficult to eat!

For our last entree we split the Kaffir lime infused Cornish game Hen. This was also really great but all I could think of all night were the purple blossom dumplings!


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