Percy Street BBQ

You know it’s a really great restaurant when you show up and there’s a roll of paper towels on the table. That’s how I felt walking into Percy Street BBQ which I’ve heard some amazing things about!

I went to Percy Street with Ashley, Raul and Amy as a celebratory dinner since I assisted them on their board exams! I’m also really glad they chose this place because it had some amazing food!! We started with the cornbread and it was delicious! The texture was perfect and we were sad that there wasn’t more!

We also has the BBQ fried that had chopped brisket on top!

This part was my absolute favorite! It was the biscuit basket and they were the flakiest biscuits that I’ve had in a VERY long time! The honey butter and green tomato jam were perfect when slathered on top!

Ashley and I ended up splitting the chopped brisket sandwich (I wish it came with biscuits!) Honestly I think I just compared everything back to the biscuits every time!

For dessert we had the key lime pie which was a nice light touch to the end of an amazing dinner!

I definitely recommend Percy Street BBQ but I also loved it even more because of the fabulous company! So glad that these lovely people are in my life!


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