Day 5

One thing that I absolutely love about Andrew is that he’s always willing to try things that I’m interested in. Today was definitely a novel experience for him because we decided to take a painting class! It’s a really neat activity that the resort offered and so we decided to take a class! (We did have to pay extra for it but it ended up being a private class which was awesome!)
It also helped that we were next to the koi pond!

I’ve been painting a lot with acrylics (thanks to Paintnites and painting with Mark) so it was nice to use watercolors for a change! Both Andrew and I really enjoyed the experience especially when we found out that our instructor had once lived in Edmonton, our hometown!
We ended up painting two beach scenes (I forgot to take a picture of the final products but they look pretty great!)

After our painting, we decided to take a snack break at this Japanese restaurant that focuses exclusively on tempura. (We clearly love tempura!)

Along with the tempura, I also tried the poke bowl (marinated sashimi) but it definitely was way too salty here for my liking!

We also jumped at the chance to try the banana tempura which was really delicious and set on a bed of red beans!

We definitely enjoyed all of our new experiences today!


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