Monkeypod is hands down one of my favorite restaurants period. Unfortunately their two locations are both only in Hawaii. What I love about this restaurant is that their flavors are absolutely amazing.

In the front is THE best kale salad that I’ve ever had. They use sweet Maui onions, macadamia nuts and a miso sesame vinaigrette. I would honestly eat this salad every day if I could!

We also tried the chicken wings (which were quite spicy) and the proletariat pizza and both were very good. The pizza and chicken wings were half off during happy hour which was a bonus!

We actually went to monkeypod twice on our visit (since I love it so much). The first time I had the fish and chips (yum fresh fish!) and the second time I had the lobster and fish coconut stew which was everything I could ever hope for in a green curry. It had a rich flavor from the fish but also had a kick to it. The lime and mint were so fresh and gave just the right amount of flavor without overpowering anything.

Both times, Andrew had the sausage gnocchi and I don’t blame him. Seriously, the chefs here really know how to play with flavors!

We also finished with the strawberry cream pie. We always choose strawberry I think because we like to pretend it’s healthier. Maybe one day we’ll give coconut or banana a try!

If you’re ever in Maui or Oahu, you definitely have to give it a try!!


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