Andrew and I found out that Longhi’s was supposed to have some of the best eggs benedict around so we decided to go their for brunch!

The inside was absolutely lovely! I love that places in Hawaii are open to the outside; it makes it feel so relaxing!

Longhi’s is an Italian restaurant and since Andrew and I love Italian food, we obviously had to order way too much food!
We started with a pizza topped with prosciutto, parmesan and arugula. I really liked it and Andrew loved that it was crunchy on the bottom.

Since Longhi’s is famous for eggs benedict and since I love lobster, I had to order the lobster benedict! Honestly, I was extremely disappointed. The bread was huge and overwhelming, the lobster was minced up pieces and somewhat mushy, and the hollandaise was tasteless. I definitely enjoyed the concept but the execution was very poor.

The pasta definitely made up for the eggs benedict. It was really good and the sauce was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Andrew eat something so quickly!

We would definitely be back for more of their delicious pasta (but I will avoid their eggs benedict)!


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