Last Saturday after our endo final, Mark, Amanda, Jared and I went on a picnic at Valley Forge. I had no idea what Valley Forge is, so it was exciting to learn some American history. Valley Forge was the site where the American army camped during winter before going off to fight the British in the Revolutionary War.

On our way we passed the beautiful Boathouse Row. I never get a good picture of it, but this one turned out quite well! Boathouse row is where different rowing clubs store their boats along the schuylkill river.

Some monuments on our drive into Valley Forge.

These were the log cabins that soldiers would stay in. The structure in the foreground was where they would refrigerate their food. It’s built over a running stream to keep the room cold!

Here is one the cabins up close!

We brought Mark’s special picnic basket too!

Our picnic food! We made sandwiches and had fruit and other snacks!

Amanda and I were enjoying our time in the sun!

We were so lucky that the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Mark loves picnics!

Me outside George Washington’s house:

George Washington’s house:

We tried to go inside the house but it was closed pretty early. Definitely a really cool spot for a picnic and I’m sure that int he warmer weather, it’s even better!


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