The Philadelphia Zoo

Since we had a whole Wednesday afternoon without school, Hilary, Mark and I went to the Philadelphia Zoo! I’ve been wanting to see the zoo for a long time to check out the tiger walk and I was excited to go (even though it was quite chilly out!)

I also had no idea that Philadelphia had the first zoo in America! I think that’s pretty cool!

Some cool things they had included peacocks that were free to roam throughout the zoo! Mark bought his camera had got some amazing shots of the animals! Look at those colors!!!

The emus were a little freaky the way they eyed you up as if you were dinner…

The meerkats:

It was too cold for the flamingos to be out but they were inside their little house. From  distance, it kinda looked like ballerinas practicing their next dance routine!

Some cute sleeping aardvarks:

The poor polar bear, Coldilocks looked so sad. She’s the oldest living polar bear in the States after her friend Klondike passed away last summer =(

But the other bears were pretty excited to be out and about looking for food or relaxing in the tree.

Another cute couple at the zoo!

Ok so this is what I was waiting for the whole trip!!! The tigers literally walk over you and stare down at you.

We also stopped by the monkey/gorilla house. They had a giant cardboard gorilla by the outside viewing area.

Here were the chimps .

And the big chimp looked too smart for his own good.

And here was the lovely silver backed gorilla:

I loved these little monkey dudes!

We also went to see the big cats. Like this leopard!

One super cool thing was the aviary. The birds were free to roam wherever they wanted and we happened to catch them during feeding time. They swooped in between as they were trying to get the food.

 We also saw these GIANT turtles.


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