The Barnes Foundation

On the first Sundays of the month, the Barnes museum now opens its doors for free. Yvonne and I decided to check it out and somehow managed to bump into some friends! One really cool thing about the Barnes is that they maintained the collection in the state that Dr. Barnes had it in his own home. He mixed all kinds of aspects together from different artists to different styles or time periods. He would generally try to organize the art according to what he found was a unifying theme. it could be anything from curves and lines to different uses of color. The Barnes also holds the largest collection of works by Renoir, numbering 181 in total.

They also don’t allow photographs inside the museum so I took a picture of this tree instead.

I definitely didn’t understand the significance of “The Rabbit’s Dinner” but you could buy your own print and hang it up at home!

But you can have your own artist inspired tea!

After the museum we headed to Pizzeria Vetri for lunch and had the Caesar Salad and crudo pizza. A little on the salty side but still quite good!

    On another note, this was the longest Trader Joe’s line I have ever seen. It wrapped around the store and then doubled back on itself. Thank you Super Bowl!


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