Chinese New Year Dinner

Once again we celebrated Chinese New Year at our house! This year is the Year of the Monkey, which is super special for me! I ended up making all kinds of food (the full menu is at the bottom if you’re interested!)
    Min helped me pass out dessert!
  Feeding everyone!
So excited for monkey year!  All 7 monkeys at our new year dinner!
  I think this was a sign that the food was tasty!

What we consumed for the New Year:

  • Pork bone soup with wintermelon, tofu and bok choy
  • 90 homemade Dumplings (Amanda helped fry them all!)
  • String beans with ground pork
  • Eggplant in a spicy garlic sauce
  • Soy sauce chicken
  • Noodles with red peer, carrots mushrooms and egg (Olivia helped assemble everything)
  • All the rice!
  • A Pomelo
  • Oranges
  • Coconut Taro Tapioca Pudding (it started as a soup but gelled really quickly)
  • Some Japanese cheesecake

We finished up pretty much all of the food and there was only soup and pudding left! Hope this New Year is a great one!



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