Giacamo’s and Mike’s Pastry

Our last dinner in Boston was in the North End which is famous for Italian food. Luckily we got a table at Giacomo’s and it was fantastic!

To start, we all split the burrata which is a beautifully creamy mozzarella cheese.

Yvonne and I split the chicken gnocchi and lobster ravioli. The gnocchi was really well flavored and there were massive chunks of chicken littered throughout.

But my favorite dish was definitely the lobster ravioli. I’m scared to think of what was in the cream sauce since it tasted so good, but it worth it!

Enjoying our chicken gnocchi.

For dessert, we headed to Mike’s pastry which is famous for its cannolis!

The line up inside was incredible! They also had so many different flavors of cannoli!

Also look at the size of the lobster tails! I knew I had to get one!

There’s nothing like white cardboard packages tied up with string!

We survived the lines!

And lived to eat our desserts once we got back home!



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