Freedom Trail, Quincy Market and More!

For our full day in Boston, we walked and walked and walked! Yvonne and I wanted to head to Quincy Market for some chowdah and lobster rolls and our way took us along the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a red brick road that connects all the historical sites in Boston!

This was the red brick Freedom Trail. Though we didn’t walk the entire 2 miles of it but we followed it to get to Quincy Market!

Our first stop that we passed was the Old South Meeting Hall. It was really cool that these historic buildings were in the middle of all these modern stores.

Our second stop was the Old State House.

They had some pretty fancy decorations like this unicorn on this roof!

We finally reached Faneuil Hall which confused us because we thought it was the same thing as the Faneuil Marketplace.

But we found some cute hats on our adventure to the Marketplace!

Turns out the marketplace is in Quincy Market which is just behind Faneuil Hall. There were two other Markets too called North and South Market and they have all kinds of cute shops!

At Quincy, we had to get some of the best chowder in Boston (at Ned Devine’s). This stuff was absolutely amazing! It was creamy and super flavorful. I would eat bowls of this forever! (If it also didn’t have so many calories)

We also split the crab cakes. But they sure didn’t beat the chowder!

Since we were in Boston, we also HAD to have a Lobster Roll. There were a ton of different options but we went for the Boston and Maine Fish company. We were very impressed with the lobster roll. The roll itself was super garlicky and buttery and the lobster was in super satisfying chunks! I’m sure glad that I don’t live in Boston otherwise we would have a Beiler’s Donuts situation on our hands!

They also so real life sized bagel bites. Brilliant.

I love that everything is decorated with a lobster theme! We decided to call them Robbie the Lobster!

We also found this adorable shirt:

Seriously, everything is decorated with a lobster theme. Lobster traps as arches?

We also walked along the harbor. It must be absolutely amazing during the summer months!

We also stopped for cider at Cafe Nero.

I loved the buildings in Boston! The streets did not follow a grid like pattern (where’s Ben Franklin when you need him to design your city!) and so sometimes the buildings weren’t quite rectangular either…

I have to say that I really liked Boston! It was a beautiful city and even though it’s an old city, the buildings have been maintained unlike in Philly. I would definitely visit Boston again there are still so many things that I haven’t done or seen!



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