Our first meal in Boston was at Lolita’s which is just off of Newbury Street. We had heard some great things about this place and we were super exited to try it!

As soon as we sat down, they gave us a grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser (it was topped with a shot of tequila). It was definitely interesting and I think I would have liked to try it without the tequila since it was so strong!

Right after the sorbet, they also gave us chips and three different types of salsa! Super yummy!

We also ordered some guac to go with it!

For dinner,Sejal got “that corn” which looked amazing!

Yvonne and I split the chicken quesadilla and the lobster enchilada. We were a little sad about the portion of the lobster enchilada but we definitely enjoyed our dishes! They were very tasty and filling!

For dessert, we tried the quattro leches cake (the fourth milk was coconut). I really didn’t like the cake. I definitely think that the tres leches cake from Lolitas in Philly was loads better! It was warm and the cake was super fluffy. this cake was cold and the layers were spongy and soggy. Up until this moment I thought that the meal had been absolutely fantastic!

But we ended n a very sweet note with their complimentary cotton candy topped with pop rocks! This was definitely a ton of fun and I really enjoyed our meal here!


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