Ampersand 27

While I was in Edmonton, Andrew took me to Ampersand 27 on Whyte. We weren’t planning to go there so we were lucky to get a spot at the communal table.

I loved the inside. It felt very Nordic.     
We started off with a charcuterie – pecorino, brie, chorizo and prosciutto. They served it on this really cool wooden slab.  They had some other exciting options but we weren’t feeling very adventurous!

We also had the maple butter pork belly which had a side of hushpuppies fried in peanut oil.
I think that this was my favorite dish of the whole evening. The pork belly texture with the slightly sweet flavor from the maple butter made it absolutely delicious!

Even the spinach kale salad was terrific. It wasn’t drenched in dressing which is what I usually find at restaurants.
  We ended up splitting a striploin because we wanted to try so many appetizers. It was still really good but next time I want to try the tenderloin!


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