One of the top recommended things to do in Toronto is to visit Kensington Market. I haven’t been to Kensington Market for years and it felt like it hadn’t changed. It seemed like a very neat place to hangout because there were a ton of coffee shops. There were also a few novelty shops like a cocktail store that had the coolest prints that break cocktails down into their ingredients!   There was also a bagel shop called Nu Bagel that baked their bagels instead of boiling them. I couldn’t really tasted the difference but they were definitely fresh tasty bagels!
  This was also the first time that I’ve seen pre-flavored water. It didn’t look too appetizing since the fruit looked kinda old.   I was also glad to see that they were celebrating the American holiday too!
  Kensington: the coolest place ever!  After going through Kensington, we walked through downtown Toronto and saw some cool things!
  The CN tower looked amazing with this lighting!
It was so much fun just exploring Philly! We walked over 27,000 steps but definitely got to see some cool things!


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