While we were in Toronto, my sister took us to Grazie, an Italian restaurant in her area. It was family run restaurant and everyone who worked there was super nice – it reminded me of what I miss about Canada!

Sehe called this one the bipolar oil plate. They separates a spicy chili oil from the regular balsamic and olive oil with a little wall of parmesan. I’ve never seen that done before and it was surprisingly good!
  We ended up splitting a few different dishes like the baked goat cheese salad, the cefalu, and the penza. They were all really great dishes, but I really enjoyed the penza with the creamy tomato sauce.

  I definitely loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. It felt like we had been invited to a family’s home for a meal and they treated us like the most important guests. The food was also superb! Though it doesn’t quite beat my favorite Italian restaurant in Philly, it was still pretty amazing!

Sehe and I also caught a comedy show after dinner and it was hilarious! we found out about it off an ad on the train and decided to go check it out. It was super cheap (only $6 because it was a Wednesday night) and worth it! I’d say that our first day of adventure in Toronto was a success!


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