South Philly Tap Room

I love Philly because of the food because it’s usually quite impressive. But this experience was something else. It went above and beyond anything I ever expected. I’ve already decided that the best gelato can be found in Philly, but not I also believe that the best BURGERS are also found here too.

The South Philly Tap Room is a cute bar located in South Philly. It’s in a pretty quiet neighborhood and it’s a little low key. I went with Ben and Adam, who are both in the D1 class right now. They had heard from a couple that the best burgers could be found here and I can definitely throw my back behind that now.

We started with the beer mussels. It came with a potato and bacon sauce. It was quite delightful. In hindsight, I could have just skipped and the mussels and eaten more burgers!

The grass fed, farm to table, super local burger. Everything is working for this dish. The french fries are beyond crispy and taste like they’ve been fried in something special. The homemade ketchup is better than Heinz (they wouldn’t let me take a bottle home). The burger itself is just the juiciest and tastiest thing ever. It also has thick cut bacon layered in. The only thing that I didn’t love was the side of pickled vegetables because it made my bun a little soggy. They still tasted great though!

We also topped everything off with the fried PB&J. (It’s coated in crushed frosted flakes. I rest my case.)

The resulting food coma was unbelievable but it was worth EVERY bite! But we took a walk to American Sardine Bar to help digest it off.
Unfortunately the bar was super crowded and we were too full to wait to eat more food. But another time! That’s a lie. If I’m back in South Philly I’m definitely going to be at South Philly Tap Room!


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