Scratch Biscuits

 I LOVE biscuits, so when Scratch Biscuits opened up in Center City I was excited to give it a try! It’s recommended as a new brunch spot in Philly but just a word of warning that their venue is quite small so it’s slightly more like fast food biscuits.   

They have some set items but you can also make your own combination of biscuit. They also sell the cutest Tshirts. I love the Taking Care of Biscuits one! 


I ended up giving “the Fried Chicken” a chance and I was impressed! That was some good fried chicken. It was tender and moist and it fit so well with the biscuit. The only problem was that there wasn’t enough biscuit and my sandwich started to fall apart. The corn was also a brilliant addition. 

I’m pretty sure I could eat biscuits and fried chicken for the rest of my life so I automaticlly fell in love with this place. I would love to give the other options a try, so I can’t wait to go on more biscuit adventures! 


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