Happy Pumpkin Day!

I can’t believe how time flies by so quickly! We’re already at the next pumpkin carving season! This year I decided to enter two pumpkins! I like having a dental themed pumpkin so I decided to go with braces on my first one:  And since these were supposed to go to the peds clinic when we were done, I also decided on a Tinkerbell design! (Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!)
  I ended up roping Juan into helping me carve my pumpkins! He did such a great job!!!  He ended up carving Tinkerbell out (I did the stars) and carefully helped excavate the teeth on the braces.   The braces ended up to be really challenging (Juan actually carved around the brackets, I wrapped them in tin foil and then we threaded some ortho wire through the entire thing to hold it all together!) We had a couple of accidents where some of our brackets popped off =(
  Tink looked super cool!   Especially in the dark:
And here I am with the pumpkin at the contest! (I took a jab at the senior class since 33 of them applied to ortho programs this year and they haven’t heard back yet!)

We ended up winning the pumpkin carving contest this year which is pretty exciting! My braces pumpkin is now currently sitting in the ortho clinic. They thought it was pretty cute!


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