I’ve heard a lot about Sabrina’s but I’ve never been able to get a table (the wait is usually for hours!) But I lucked out one Friday morning and they weren’t busy!

One thing that I really miss from home is Eggs Florentine from High Level Diner. Eggs Florentine is like Eggs Benedict but instead of bacon, it has a layer of spinach instead. I hadn’t found a place that even attempts to sell Eggs Florentine until I got to Sabrina’s. Very much like High Level Diner, it’s located just off of campus (in this case Drexel University) and has a very homey feel. Luckily their eggs did not disappoint! The only sad part is that Sabrina’s is definitely a hike from where I live and it’s also super popular. Otherwise I think I would be there every day!

Today’s brunch partner was Juan and he had the french toast (also absolutely amazing). It was made with a challah type cake bread.  DELICIOUS but so filling!

Yay for second breakfast! I definitely can’t wait to go back. Maybe my new strategy will be to go super early in the morning!


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