Pope Francis

Last weekend, Pope Francis came to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of the Families. He had several public appearances scheduled and though we didn’t have tickets to see him up close, Juan and I decided to see him as he traveled up and down Ben Franklin Parkway.

We were expecting a HUGE crowd but I think most people decided to leave the city because everyone was scared off by the police and Secret Service shutting so many things down. Luckily for us, this meant that it wasn’t as busy as it could have been! This is what the road situation looked like in Philly!

First, we had wait in line for security! I also forgot that I had oranges in my backpack (as a stuck snack) and so  we had to eat them before going in!

Here’s what it looked like on the parkway. Wawa (my favorite convenience store) actually provided free water which I thought was a really nice gesture since these things can be quite exhilarating and people becomes unexpectedly dehydrated. Also most everybody here was a tourist which was pretty impressive!

Four hours later and the pope still hasn’t made an appearance =( Well actually he made a speech at Independence Hall in Spanish. Juan had to translate =)

And finally! The Pope came out on his Popemobile and went up and down the parkway. It was pretty cool because the crowd was SOOO excited! We were also very lucky to be so close!

And that concludes my experience of seeing the pope!

I’m definitely VERY glad that we waited for him. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!


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