Baltimore Dollar Stroll

Every year, Baltimore Street hosts a small street festival called the Baltimore Dollar Stroll. What usually happens is that the stores offer different food items for $1. It’s nice because then you get a chance to try a ton of different foods at different restaurants.

Yvonne and I tried a few different things like Vientiene’s Thai iced team but the best thing that I had was the carrot dog from Green Line Cafe. I had some pretty weird expectations (I thought it was some weird tofu carrot blend that was stuffed into sausage casing) but it actually turned out to be quite different from that. Instead it was just straight carrot sticks that were very well seasoned and put in a hot dog bun. I liked it because it wasn’t like regular vegetarian food that tries  its best to mimic real meat. I probably wouldn’t go to Green Line to specifically get a carrot dog but it did make me want to cook and season carrots differently!

Though the Baltimore Dollar Stroll was pretty fun, it was also pretty busy and difficult to get food =(


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